There has certainly been a lot of distribution of the myth but the main myth has many off shots, but the myth of werewolves has always inspired and sense of primal fear and inspiration.but below we look at some of the myths of werewolves both old and new.





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Silver, Raven's blood on an iron stake

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The Wolf-Man

The "Disease" View Edit

In werewolf lore the disease view has had a spot light in many movies as well as old lore.

In old lore it was called Lycanthropy or lycopthrosy where it infects you and slowly turns you until you become a full circle werewolf changing between werewolf and human through the cycle of night and day.

The Morphing Process Edit

In old lore some show it as quick and more of a quiet change, as where others show it as a violent change breaking the humans bones as the beast takes over.

The "Curse" View

the common appearence of a werewolf


Many show werewolves as a curse where a powerful person or creature inflicts it upon a human that has done something wrong and now must travel through the landscape killing to live and awaking to a slaughtered village or farmhouse.

The Mental State Edit

Some show the human and werewolf as beast and man no connection just the human awaking like from a dream and usually going insane unless the human was a warrior or didn't mind the fact of waking to find your bad dream killed families around you . Other myths show it as tied where the human has control and is merely following orders of some other creature god or lord.

Only a pure-blooded werewolf can change his appearance at will and maintains complete control over the beast within.

Ways of transformationEdit

Over the years there have been many possibilities of becoming a Lycanthrope. One common way is to be bitten by a werewolf or have some sort of phycical contact either it's through biting or being wounded by one. Another way of becoming a werewolf is by drinking water out of a wolf foot print. A older way is to drink the blood of a wolf and preform a blood ritual.

Another way is to be the seventh son of the seventh son of the seventh son. But only pure-blooded werewolves are born this way.