The Gorgon was of Greek Mythology deadliest monster, it was said a Gorgon could turn anyone that saw someone to stone. There were three sister in the myth, Medusa, Euryale and Stheno. Only Medusa could turn people to stone. Euryale could make people blind. Stheno could make you insane.


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Mirror or Polished Shield

Origin Edit

The Gorgon myth originated in ancient Greece. It came from the idea of a decaying body.


The Gorgon had a hideous appearance. It had snakes where its hair should be, huge black eyes, and cracked skin, and wings. They also had tusks and grey skin.

Medusa Edit

[[Medusa was the most well known Gorgon. In the myth Poseidon was doing Medusa in Athena's temple. Athena cought them and turned her and her two sister who were on watch into the three Gorgons. Persus encountered Medusa in a cave. He was warned before hand that if he looked into her eyes he'd be turned to stone. Athena gave him a shield that could double as a mirror. He used it to find Medusa so that he could cut off her head. When he cut off her head the two children of the affair with Poseidon were born by springing up out of her neck. The first one is easily the most recognised, Pegasus. The other not so much, Chrysaor.]]